FUN & Excellence

 Social Partner Dance!
I am Victor Woldridge and I learned to dance in Houston, TX during the URBAN COWBOY era.

I started with Country dancing, then added Swing and recently added Ballroom to my repertoire.

I learned from Exclusive Dance Club, SSQQ, Gilbert Huron, Judy Sheftall, Carmen Scarborough,
Mario Robau, Jr., and the many wonderful dancers I met at the clubs in Houston.
I continue my dance education with Mario Jr. and other nationally recognized teachers.

I have competed and have placed everywhere from not making the finals to 1st Place.
I decided to focus my attention on social partner dancing because good, solid dance fundamentals
do not change and are always in demand at many social gatherings.

The joy and happiness people show after learning to dance is intoxicating and I am humbled that
I am able to help people experience the joy and fun of social partner dancing.